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  1. SBI Sinister Plan
    SBI Sinister Plan
    Sinister is 7 generations of SBI bloodline produced here @ SHORTYBULL_INC off of SBI Cooper & SBI Hannah
  2. SBI Mr. Cooper
    SBI Mr. Cooper
    Cooper is 5 generations of SBI Bloodline produced here @ SHORTYBULL_INC off of SBI Max & SBI Jazmine.
  3. SBI Mocha
    SBI Mocha
    Mocha is 4 generation of SBI bloodline produced here @ SHORTYBULL_INC off of SBI Max and SBI Hannah.

Contact info: e-mail: ​ shortybullinc@live.com   //  call or text (860)966.7743

    SBI Whiplash & SBI Siniser
We've had Shortybulls since the breed was created, working side by side with the two founders to promote and get them into the public eye. At Shortybull_Inc we take pride in producing a consistent line if the best characteristics; thick, bully short compact framed dog. We also are proud of having been the first to introduce the chocolate color gene. SBI is now on it's 8 generation and we continue to push forward to try and produce the best dogs we can. And make it a possitive experience for anyone who is purchases a puppy or adult from us.


  1. Shipping
    We offer shipping of puppies and adults all over the world, as well as chilled and frozen semen. References available on request.
  2. Registration
    The shortybull is recognized by the BBCR and ABKC
  3. Video
    Coming Soon!